Hoy Tod

This oyster omelette is a Thai street food staple, made in massive pans in night markets all across the country. And it’s very simple to make at home too.

In this version, I’ve cut back heavily on the oil, making it more of a scramble than a true Thai omelette, because I find that, with less grease, the oysters’ flavour sings through all the stronger.

Serves 2, or 4 as a part of a larger meal

12 oysters, shucked and drained

4 eggs

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

freshly ground white pepper

½ tablespoon nam pla

2 spring onions, cut into 1½ cm batons

100g bean sprouts

half a long red chilli, cut into thin slivers

1 tablespoon picked coriander leaves

rice flour, for dredging

Beat the eggs together with the nam pla, pepper and half the coriander leaves.

Separate about half the spring onions, and put them with the slivered chilli and the rest of the coriander to garnish the omelette at the end.

Dredge the oysters in the rice flour and set aside.

Heat the oil in a well-seasoned wok. When it’s hot, throw in the oysters. Cook for about a minute, then pour in the egg. Add the bean sprouts and half the spring onions.

Cook the eggs until you have a scrambled omelette — their texture should be just firm.

Turn out onto a plate and garnish with the remaining spring onion, coriander leaves and the chilli.

Serve at once.