The Spritz

This is THE Venetian drink of choice. Cool, bittersweet and colourful — perfect when watching the world go by in St Marks Square… or elsewhere!

Traditionlly it’s made with a combination of white wine and sparkling water, but I like this version with Prosecco.

Serves 2

250ml of Prosecco  (or equal parts white wine and fizzy water)

2 tablespoons Campari or Aperol

2 green olives in brine, rinsed

2 chunks orange (preferably sanguinella or blood orange)

a small bowl of ice

1. Pour the Campari or Aperol into a glass.

2. Top up to about half full with the Prosecco or white wine and soda water.

3. Pop a cube of ice in.

4. Skewer the orange chunk and the olive on a long cocktail stick and place inn the glass.

5. Serve with the bowl of ice on a side, and a heavy dose of insouciance!

How easy is that?