I am delighted to offer a full range of Thai food classes for up to 6 people at once, all in the comfort of your own home.

These classes are designed to show you the full range of Thai cooking, from a beginners’ introduction, to street food classics, all the way to the exciting regional specialities I’ve come to know on my travels.

In each class, you will learn four individual Thai dishes, which we can tailor to suit your individual requirements.

Classes include:

Introduction to Thai Food — The basics of Thai food. I’ll show you the best way to cook rice, and my secrets for getting the best out of your wok. Together, we’ll make a simple Thai meal of rice, a curry, a stir-fry, a simple soup and a yum (salad).

Thai Street Food — Thais love to snack, and there are street stalls everywhere you go, offering some of the best and most exciting food in the country. In this class, we’ll bring four of these dishes indoors. I’ll show you how to adapt them into delicious, practical addiitons to your dinners and barbecues.

Thai Seafood — A special class devoted to the Thai love affair with seafood. I’ll show you a delicious take on steamed mussels, a glorious crab curry, the best prawn stir-fries and whole fish dishes. Please note that pricing for this class will depend on the day’s fish market prices.

Vegetarian Thai — Thai food is well known for its healthy approach to ingredients and cooking. But most of its dishes are not fully vegetarian. In this class, I’ll show you the substitutions you’ll need to cook great vegetarian or vegan Thai.

Regional Thai — Thai food displays vast regional differences, so this class is tailored specially to display the region of your choice. From Chiang Mai in the north, to the plenty of Sukothai and the Central Plains; from Essarn, with its Laotian influences and searing spices, to Bangkok city favorites; from the Gulf Coast all the way to the pungent exoticism of Ranong and the Muslim South.

We’ll tailor this class to suit your palate and your curiosity.

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“For the perpetual student or indeed for yourself – your loved ones will reap the rewards – how about a cooking class, tour or holiday? In London, Thailand-born Brit Kay Plunkett-Hogge offers Thai cooking lessons in either her home or yours.” — Anastasia Edwards, FT Weekend Food Gifts For Christmas

“Your tips and kit-of-parts mean that I now make that Pad Krapow about once a week! Thank you.” — Phil H.

“We LOVED our cooking day and I can genuinely say that it was some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted in my whole life. I could eat the banana and coconut pudding every day.” — Anna W.

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