Out Today!


Incredibly excited not only to turn 50 today, but to see Make Mine A Martini hit the shelves too. Make my day and go buy a copy!!

K xx

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The Lost Art Of The Cocktail Party

The lovely people at A Little Bird have asked me to write a guest blog on The Lost Art Of The Cocktail Party. Enjoy!

K xx

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Available For Pre-Order Now

Make Mine A Martini cover


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Missing My Boy

As you can probably imagine if you read the news, I’ve been thinking about Thailand a lot this past week, and therefore missing my beautiful boy Bo-That more than usual. So I was delighted to find this little piece of elephant joy courtesy of the Oregon Zoo, whose youngest Asian elephant, Lily, turned one last week.

And here’s Bo-That too, from last April.


How can you not miss such a handsome face?

K xx

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Out Now!


… and featuring a recipe from Yours Truly!

K xx

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Oh I Do Like Some Seeds Beside The Seaside!

chilli poly tunnel

British chillies have come in late this year. Our cold spring ensured that the plants took a while to wake up and flower, but now they’re in with a vengeance. So if you’re looking for something exciting to tantalise your tastebuds before the growing season ends, look no further than the brilliant David and Joy Michaud at Sea Spring Seeds.

David and Joy work on the cutting edge of seed and plant development from their small farm in southern Dorset, creating (among others) the super fiery Dorset Naga.

While the Naga might have put Sea Spring on the map, their work and their understanding of chillies offers the cook a massive range of piquancy and flavours across the chilli spectrum. New favourites include the very mild Apricot habanero, the punchier Trinity habanero — which packs all the fruit and half the heat of our old friend the Scotch Bonnet — and the aji amarillo-esque Lemon Drop.  But it wasn’t until I attended one of their chilli-growing courses at the farm that I truly appreciated the skill and dedication that goes into new varietals.


Chillies, it turns out, cross-breed with alacrity. If you stick a load of different chillies in a greenhouse, they’ll get busy and hey presto, the seeds will be… different. So the trick is not just to capture the qualities you want in a chilli — the fruit of this, the heat of that, the juicy texture of the other — it’s to create a stable, replicable plant you can grow again and again. I find this work extraordinary. And, for a cook, it opens up a whole host of new flavours and opportunities.

In addition to the courses, they sell plants, plug plants (they do the germination for you), seeds and the chillies themselves. Check it out.

K xx

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Bryn Williams: For The Love Of Veg — Coming Soon

Bryn Williams—For The Love Of Veg cover

You can pre-order now or pop along to your favourite book seller from October 3rd.

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A Few Photos For Jamaican Independence Day

middle quarter shrimp lady


IMG_0924 IMG_0625 IMG_0639

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It’s World Elephant Day…

Bo-That, Tam & Kay

… on 12th August. So, of course, I have to post a pic of beautiful Bo-That, with mahoot Tam and Tam’s daughter Apun (who gets to spend the summer holidays at the elephant camp—how cool is that?)

World Elephant Day is supported by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, a Thai charitable non-profit organisation. It’s one of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Royal initiatives which manages three forest elephant sanctuaries. and they have so far returned over 90 formerly captive elephants to the wild. Most importantly, it’s not reliant on tourism to sustain itself so, even though it’s a managed habitat, in the sense that it’s cared for by rangers, it’s as close to a wild and free life as possible. Would it be right for Bo-That? Well, we just don’t know. There are questions that need to be asked. He has been in captivity for a very long time — I’ve know him since he was just five. Of course, if it were, I would miss him, but it’s something we’ll have to look into.

K xx

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New Recipe: Thai-Talian Stuffed Pork Loin with Spicy Salsa Verde

thai-talian porchetta

Many thanks to The Sunday Times Magazine for including my Thai-Talian Stuffed Pork Loin with Spicy Salsa Verde in their Sunday Lunches feature this week. It’s inspired by an exciting fusion you see all cropping up over Bangkok, where they love Italian food and cannot resist adding the occasional Thai-inspired touch to create something bold and a little bit different.


K xx

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